Printing And Process Capabilities

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    1. Paper or Films varying from sizes of
    100 mm to 350 mm

    2. Up to 10 Colour Printing

    3. Single Colour Reverse Printing

    4. Single / Double Colour Cold Foiling

    5. BOPP Lamination

    6. Online Embossing

    7. Online Die Cutting

    8. Finished Label Roll


100% Defect Detection System

"We take pride in the quality of labels we produce, which is why we have installed 3 state of the art Automated 100% Defect Detection System, which checks each and every label produced against the designs given, thereby assuring that every single label which goes out of our factory is absolutely defect free. These machines are capable of detecting defects as small as 0.5MM in size, thereby ensuring that not a single defect stays in the labels before we deliver it to our customers."