Cosmetic Labels

Cosmetic products are often judged by their interesting shapes, bright colors and identifiable branding. You can influence your customer with a great looking label that sets you apart from the competition.

Cosmetic products need highly decorative labels which stand out from the rest of the products on the shelf. For decoration, various types of materials like Metalized films, Transparent Films, White Films, of both PP and PE variants can be used along with various special effects like foiling, lamination etc, so as to give the labels a unique look.

With a combination of various types of Varnishes, the labels can get a textured effect to gain additional shelf appeal. Along with shelf appeal, there is high requirements to protect the product from counterfitting. For that, various techniques like Special Seal, Micro Text, Hologram, etc can be used.

Our vast experience producing cosmetic labels enables us to properly guide our customers as to which effects and materials will be better suited to their products, thus enabling us to produce precise and extremely attractive labels.