Agro & Pesticides Labels

Pesticides and agro products have a special need to be able to handle extreme tempratures and harsh sunlight and yet not have any effect on the labels.Whether you're labeling agricultural products, seeds or tagging plants and lumber, We have a solution to fit your needs.

Nursery tags and plant labels need to be able to handle exposure to all types of weather conditions plus direct sunlight and constant watering. Pesticides labels need to be able to handle the chance of accidental spillage as well as the harsh sun.

Moreover, as per the statutory requirements, all labels need to display the danger and warning signs along with their composition and other informations. We specialize in printing highly effective labels which can withstand extreme and direct sunlight for a long period of time.

From metallized paper and films to using BOPP Laminated labels, we can produce any and all types of agro and pesticide labels as per the requirements of our clients without any compromise in quality.